DRUM Chamber

COSMES Decontamination Re-UVsable Mask (DRUM) Chamber is made specifically to sanitize all N95 masks. 10 germicidal lamps are positioned to execute an all-round decontamination for up to 10 masks with UV-C light within a short 10-minute period. Effectively killing 99.9% of virus and leaves no residual harmful substances.

The process does negligible damage to the N95 masks. In fact, the DRUM chamber extends shelf life of N95 masks for prolonged use while preserving its effectiveness. You can now enjoy significant cost savings with the DRUM chamber as a sustainable long-term solution.

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Technical Specifications

  1. Dimensions (L x W x H) - 0.7m x 0.25m x 0.9m
  2. Cycle time for 3-Log reduction in viruses - 10 min UV-C exposure
  3. Mask capacity per run - 10 masks
  4. Efficacy - 99.9% (3-Log) decontamination
  5. Number of UV-C lamps - 10 x 19W
  6. UV-C wavelength - 254nm
  7. Operator control panel - Power on button and lock-out indicator during decontamination cycle
  8. Mask type - N95 Disposable Face Mask* + Surgical Masks (*Compatible with 3M N85 series)
  9. Power source - 240 Mains, 3 pin plug
  10. Housing - Stainless steel