Medical Grade Meltblown Filter

The Meltblown Technology

COSMES is the only manufacturer in Singapore with our proprietary Meltblown technology. Virus and bacteria are far too small and can easily pass through fabric material. To resolve this issue, we develop our specialty nonwoven microfibers via the meltblown technology; bypassing the need to spin and wove the fabric together.

During production, these synthetic polypropylene pellets (SP) are first melted before flown through tiny nozzles to form a wafer-thin thread. These melted threads are then undergo the Meltblown process to achieve optimal slenderness..

The threads are initially hit on both sides by 400 degrees hot air at an estimated 300 meters per second before accelerating to almost 700 kilometres per hour. The hot air and the hot melt meet there under extreme acceleration to form the finest filaments with a physical pore size of approximately 10 micrometres or even smaller.

Despite its minuscule length, viruses may still pass through. To reinforce the filtering process, we incorporated extensively the use of electrostatic force. During production, the finished fleece runs over a grounded roller. On the other side, there are numerous high-voltage electrodes. Up to 30kV are applied and a small current flows through the ionized air. The filter fleece is now electrostatically charged to catch the viruses in the air or on droplets.

The end result is a melt blown fabric with excellent barrier and filtration properties with exceptional breathability


  1. Excellent Barrier and Filtration Properties
  2. Exceptional Breathability
  3. Consistent Uniformity

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